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ECJS & JEP Malta 2022

Come and escape Winter with other young Jewish adults aged 25-40, on the sunny island of Malta.

  • Explore scenic Malta
  • Relax at a luxurious hotel
  • Learn in fun interactive workshops
  • Enjoy delicious Glatt Kosher food.

And much much more!!!


This event will follow all local Covid-19 regulations regarding masks, social distancing etc.

For our Cancellation policy – Please see the Terms and Conditions section.


Please note that you must be registered on the ECJS website to purchase tickets to our events. Not yet registered? Become a member now!

If you are aged 35-40 (JEP Member), please visit www.jep.eu

All prices are per person and do not include travel to / from Malta or transfers to the hotel. If you pay by bank transfer please email us (info@ecjs.me) a copy of your receipt from the bank as we will not see your payment for 4-5 working days and we will not know you have paid.

Extra nights before and after the event are available through ECJS at our special group rates. If you request a twin occupancy extra night without a friend(s) and we are unable to match you up with another participant(s), you will be asked to upgrade to a single room.


To get these prices you must also hold a valid 1 year paid membership subscription.


CHAGIM SALE DEADLINE: 23;59 CEST (Belgium Time) on Monday 3 October 2022.

TWIN ROOM INFORMATION: This is a room with 2 x single beds where you will share with someone. Prices are per person.

Thu-Sun Twin 25-30

Chagim Price € 359

Normal Price € 389

Thu-Sun Twin 31-40

Chagim Price € 389

Normal Price € 419

Thu-Sun Single 25-30

Chagim Price € 569

Normal Price € 599

Thu-Sun Single 31-40

Chagim Price € 599

Normal Price € 629


TWIN ROOM INFORMATION: This is a room with 2 x single beds where you will share with someone. Prices are per person.

Thu-Sun Single Suite

€ 909

Thu-Sun Single Room

€ 729

Thu-Sun Twin Room

€ 519


Single Suite

€ 185

per night

Single Room

€ 125

per night


€ 65

per night


  • For those people living in Malta only, we can offer these local packages for the weekend at special subsidized prices if you sign up as a FREE user on our website first. These do not include any transport to and from the venues. Packages will be released soon here.

Day 1 Highlights – Thursday

Tour of Valetta city

Evening Party

Day 2 Highlights – Friday

Group Breakfast

Scenic Malta tour


Kiddush Cocktail

Shabbat Dinner

Day 3 Highlights – Shabbat

Shabbat Services


Shabbat Lunch

Shabbat Friendly Activity

Relax & Enjoy

Gala Dinner

DAY 4 Highlights – Sunday

Group Breakfast

Mdina Historic Tour


The event will start at 12:00pm in Malta on Thursday and finish on Sunday at approximately 3:30pm. There is only 1 airport in Malta (Luqa Malta – MLA) which is 15-20 minutes to the hotel. The cheapest taxi options in Malta are BOLT or UBER, and it costs around 13-19 Euros to get from the airport to the hotel.



Malta’s landscape contrasts rocky stretches of coast that end in dizzying limestone cliffs with sheltered bays that hide gin-clear water and red-gold beaches. The islands’ many marinas jostle with boats, and you can take to the water in sky-blue traditional craft, stately yachts or speedboats. Above the water, walking tracks negotiate view-filled pathways linking isolated coves and surprising historical structures. Even for the short-term visitor to Malta, a simple ferry journey across Grand Harbour in Valletta is a magical experience.

Malta’s geographical location in the centre of the Mediterranean made it an alluring and much-fought-over prize, and the islands are full of majestic above- and below-ground defences. The capital, Valletta, built by the Knights of St John, is a harmonious grid, Mdina and Victoria are fortress-like hilltop towns, and watchtowers dot the coast. Even Malta’s fishing boats resonate with the past, their prows painted with eyes, just like the boats of their Phoenician predecessors. Following Valletta’s stint as a European Capital of Culture in 2018, the country’s capital is also a re-energised centre of contemporary design and architecture.

Read More: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/malta


The history of the Jews in Malta spans two millennia. A Jewish community is attested on the islands by the 4th-5th century. Jews prospered in Malta under Arab and Norman rule. They were expelled in 1492, and a community could only re-establish itself after 1798 under British rule. In the 19th and 20th century, the Jewish community in Malta welcomed refugees from Italy and Central Europe, escaping Nazi rule. Today, a small community remains well established on the islands as well as a Chabad representative providing a community center and Kosher restaurant.


Located in the heart of the island with botanical gardens, this hotel exudes authentic grace and classical charm. Experience a hotel full of warmth, personal attention and traditional elegance abound. The hotel Spa provides its guests with an extensive range of wellness facilities, complete with a wide selection of revitalising treatments where precision is the call of the day, a fitness centre, indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The rooms and suites within the hotel are designed for your utmost comfort and relaxation. Awake from blissful sleep and absorb the view below, and wonder how you will ever manage to leave…


In loving memory of our dear friend and former ECJS staff member, Celia Sasporte (Tzila Chaya Bat Moises) OBM, a scholarship fund will be established to help less fortunate ECJS participants up to 30 years old.

Celia was a naturally inclusive and caring person. She would not want anyone left out just because of their financial situation. On the contrary, they most need the opportunity to make Jewish friends and celebrate their Jewish identity. Through this scholarship, Celia can continue extending the gift of friendship and bring joy to those who need it most. Celia’s memory will live on, bringing happiness to others just as she did in life.

For this event, there will be a maximum of 4 Celia OBM Scholarships awarded, depending on suitable candidates with extremely limited financial capability who cannot normally participate in our events. 



To apply for this special limited scholarship you should select the twin ticket for the event and select the check box asking if you wish to apply for this scholarship. You should also select the option to pay with bank transfer as this will not force you to make the event payment when you send us the event ticket.

After ECJS & JEP receive your event ticket, you will receive an email with a detailed application form and terms and conditions, to apply for this limited scholarship.

Once you have submitted that completed form back to ECJS & JEP you will be informed in a short time period if you have been awarded the scholarship and the amount of funding for the scholarship.

Each participant of the ECJS & JEP Malta 2022 Event will receive the following:
  • Five-Star deluxe Accommodation
  • Free WiFi Internet Access in all rooms and public areas.
  • General Room facilities
  • Free access to fitness facilities (treatments/ activities may cost extra)
  • Kosher meals
  • Entertainment and workshops
  • City Tours with professional guides – dependant on local laws and restrictions
  • Organised transport for official trip tours and visits – dependant on local laws and restrictions
  • General room service
  • Optional Parking (charged by the hotel directly to each individual)


Participants will NOT be provided with

  • Luxury items (alcoholic beverages besides Friday night, etc)
  • Additional room service (washing, dry cleaning, etc)
  • Health and other insurance


Please note:

  • Every participant should ensure that their personal insurance covers medical expenses during their stay.
  • ECJS & JEP does not take responsibility for damages done by participants (in hotel, buses and other locations). Participants are legally responsible for any damage they cause.
  • Participant must notify ECJS & JEP in advance of any illnesses, allergies or medications they are on if there is any risk of any possible side effects or reactions that ECJS & JEP should be aware of. It is the participants own responsibility to ensure they prevent such reactions / side effects taking place as much as realistically possible, and ECJS & JEP does not take any responsibility for any medical care / treatment or incidents that may happen due to a participants failure to adhere to their personal medical responsibilities.
  • By completing an event or membership registration form, the applicant gives full permission for ECJS & JEP staff, or affiliated representatives on ECJS & JEP’s behalf, to take appropriate related photographs of the applicant during an event (or pre/post event days), which may be used in any ECJS & JEP related material (e.g. marketing or supplied to sponsors), at the decision of the ECJS & JEP office.
  • Any participant may be charged the full cost of the event and sent home during the program if fraudulent information was provided on the registration form for the event or ECJS & JEP member/associate form.
  • ECJS & JEP holds the right at any time to cancel your participation if you fail to fulfil any demands or requirements of the program. In this situation the amount of refunds are at the full discretion of the ECJS & JEP office staff.

Ticket Booking Confirmation

ECJS & JEP only confirms and guarantees the booking once tickets have been purchased, approved and payment also received and approved by the ECJS & JEP office; on the basis that the participant provides a copy of his ID / Passport for security and the information supplied on the registration form is correct. Until then, ECJS & JEP does not take any responsibility for your commitment to the event. Therefore ECJS & JEP does not advise you to book your flights / travel arrangements, until you receive your confirmation from the ECJS & JEP office as before this time ECJS & JEP does not guarantee you a place to participate in the event.


Specific Requests

ECJS & JEP does its best to adhere to all specific room and event requests (such as room sharing preferences). However, in certain circumstances this may not be possible. In this situation the participant consents to the full authority of ECJS & JEP to make any changes necessary.


Local Packages

These are only for those people currently living in the hosting city holding full residency or alternatively students studying abroad/young adults working abroad, on proof of holding a local address.


Covid-19 Safety 

  • For Covid-19 related entry requirements, it is the participant’s responsibility to make sure they fulfil all border entry requirements for access to Malta (including if necessary pay for PCR or antigen tests and complete entry forms).
  • If someone is found positive with Covid-19 related symptoms, then it is the participants responsibility to isolate, get tests and take appropriate medical precautions. ECJS & JEP will try its best to assist with this where appropriately possible but does not take any responsibility for this unless it is a necessary requirement to ensure the health and safety of any other remaining participants.
  • For Covid refunds : These will be provided only if you hold a positive Covid-19 test and at a level providing ECJS & JEP obtains refunds from any expenses laid out on your behalf (e.g. hotel / tour guides / food etc). For no other reasons. All Covid-19 related refunds are at the discretion of the ECJS & JEP office.

Discount Qualification

Participants must prove financial situation warranting discount. A copy of a valid passport and/or references are required. Documents and/or letter outlining your request with contact details of either a Rabbi or Jewish community organization who can vouch for your limited finances should be sent via e-mail to info@jep.eu

If you are awarded a further “extra” discount to the advertised prices we ask that you try your best to attend every session of our program, especially the workshops and lectures, to reflect your appreciation of this donation. A thank you letter about your experiences at the event is required for our sponsors within 2 weeks following the event.

Limited availability. Discounts will be granted solely at the discretion of ECJS & JEP and its partners and special offer discounts are only valid on main event dates and exclude extra costs such as extra nights/membership fee etc.


Special Discount Offer and Early-bird Offer Period End-Date

This is the date all registration and payments must be RECEIVED by the ECJS & JEP office. It is entirely the discretion of the ECJS & JEP office staff to decide whether a participant fulfills the demands for the offers, and ECJS & JEP hold the full right to charge non-offer price if they believe this is not the case.


Group Organiser or other Special Offers

These are only applicable to you as an individual and do not apply to any other participants, for example a discount in a 2 person room is a discount on your participation rate and not for the other person sharing the room. It is entirely the discretion of the ECJS & JEP office staff to decide whether a participant fulfills the demands for the offers.


Cancellation Policy

For cancellations until 23:59 on 06 October 2022 we will refund all payment except for 30 Euros admin fee for our staff to process this cancellation. From 07 October 2022 until 23:59 on 27 October 2022, we will refund 70% of your payment, providing the event sells out and we manage to re-sell your place. Otherwise we will not be able to offer a refund. After 27 October 2022, all cancellations will get no refund even for a medical emergency, except for Covid-19 related cancellation where we obtain refund (see Covid-19 section). The reason for this deduction is due to the risk we are taking, as well as the event low prices, the longer administration process involved in changing your booking, and often involves more time and expensive phone calls trying to find a replacement.

ECJS & JEP will have already booked, ordered and paid for everything for you. We will not be able to receive refunds for any of these purchases. Please understand that ECJS & JEP is a non-profit organization. We invest over €100 for each member to attend the event beyond the member fee that was paid. With your cancellation we lose this investment as well.

This is our cancellation policy and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. You agree that by submitting any event registration form or “ticket” via our website, you thereby acknowledge that you have read and understand this permission agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.