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ECJS & JEP Summer – Rome 2021

The event began on Thursday with a tour of the Spanish Steps, Trevi fountain, Navona Square, Roman Forum and arch of Titus. In the evening, guests got to spend the evening in a relaxing beach cafe in Fregene. On the Friday, a day out began with a visit to the Jewish Ghetto including the Jewish Museum, the Great and Spanish Synagogues and Tiber island.  A relaxing Shabbat at the hotel included an interesting question and answer session with a pulpit Rabbi, a Theologist and a Therapist.  Finally a visit on Sunday including a Modern Rome bus tour and a relaxing park visit through the ancient aquaducts of the city.

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Purim on the Rocks 2020 – Prague

For 2020, the Purim event began with a tour of historic Prague, including the famous Charles Bridge and Prague castle neighborhood. Participants then enjoyed a relaxing Shabbat in this classical city. On Sunday, the group got to prepare for Purim appropriately, with a visit to the nearby city of Pilsen, to enjoy a beer tasting experience before also visiting the Pilsen Synagogues. This was then followed by a fun Purim themed party night .On Monday, everyone got to explore Prague’s vast Jewish heritage including visiting the numerous Synagogues and seeing the grave of the famous Maharal of Prague – before hearing the Purim Megillah and enjoying large Purim feasts to celebrate this fun festival. The event then ended on Tuesday with another Megillah reading and tasty late Purim Brunch Seudah.


ECJS New Year 2020 – Lisbon

The New Year event began on Chanukah with a trendy tour of Belem tower, marina and Discoveries Monument. After lighting the Chanukah candles, participants enjoyed a peaceful Shabbat ending with delicious doughnuts. On Sunday, the group got to experienced a unique art tour including the opportunity to spray paint graffiti with the ECJS logo; before enjoying Latkes and a fun evening Chanukah party.  On Monday, everyone got to hear about the Jewish community in Portugal from the Shaare Tikva Synagogue, before exploring secretive underground Lisbon. For Tuesday’s final tour day, a trip out of the city gave participants the chance to explore scenic Sintra as well as Roca Cape, the furthest Western Point in Continental Europe. The final evening had the traditional event highlight, the Black Tie New Year’s Eve Party which was again clearly enjoyed by all!


ECJS & JEP Ski 2020

For the second ECJS and JEP Ski week this gave people the chance to enjoy a full week of ECJS and JEP program in Scuol, Switzerland. Not only did the week allow young Jewish adults to enjoy an all inclusive ski experience but equally the chance to have our traditional Shabbat experience away from their normal home environment. Trip highlights included day trips to the luxurious resorts of St Moritz and Ischgl, as well as excellent speaking sessions led by Rabbi Yoel Kaplan, Chief Rabbi of the Balkan States.


To attend the event, you must purchase an event ticket as per the package rates given below. Please note that you must be a registered on this ECJS website as an Associate member (free account) to purchase tickets to this event. Not registered on our new ECJS website? Become a member now!

NOTE:If you are outside of the normal ECJS age group (18-35), but still eligible for this event (35-45), we will activate your account only until after the Ski event. In this way you can proceed to take a ticket for the event.

All prices are per person.


Please note these are special sponsored subsidised prices. If you wish to pay the actual cost real price (based on your own judgement) please let us know on info@jep.eu and we will inform you of the real full price to pay.

For a description of each room type, please check out the Venue / Transport option tab.

Special Winter Sale Offer period ends at 23:59 Belgium Time on 16th December

Sun-Sun / Standard Twin

€ 1089

Winter Offer: € 1019

Sun-Sun / Superior Twin

€ 1159

Winter Offer: € 1089

Sun-Sun / Family Twin (11 LEFT)

€ 1259

Winter Offer: € 1189


Please note these are special sponsored subsidised prices. If you wish to pay the actual cost real price (based on your own judgement) please let us know on info@jep.eu and we will inform you of the real full price to pay.

For a description of each room type, please check out the Venue / Transport option tab.

Special Winter Sale Offer period ends at 23:59 Belgium Time on 16th December

Sun-Sun / Standard Single

€ 1799

Winter Offer: € 1729

Sun-Sun / Superior Single

€ 1859

Winter Offer: € 1789

Sun-Sun / Family Single (11 LEFT)

€ 1959

Winter Offer: € 1889

Sun-Sun / Single Suite (SOLD OUT)

€ 2139

Winter Offer: € 2069

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DAY 1 Highlights – Sunday

Check in and collect your ski equipment

Welcome Group Dinner and Party

DAY 2 Highlights – Monday

Ski Day in Scuol

Group Dinner and evening activitiy

DAY 3 Highlights – Tuesday

Ski Day in St Moritz

Group Dinner and evening activity

DAY 4 Highlights – Wednesday

Ski Day in Ischgl

Group Dinner and evening activity

DAY 5 Highlights – Thursday

Ski Day in Ischgl

Group Dinner and evening activity

DAY 6 Highlights – Friday

Ski day

Kiddush Cocktail

Shabbat Dinner

DAY 7 Highlights – Shabbat

Shabbat Services

Group Activity

Relax & Enjoy

Farewell Party

DAY 8 Highlights – Sunday

Group goodbye until next year

Scuol for Skiing… 

The mid-size Swiss resort of Scuol – Motta Naluns is surrounded by the peaks of the Lower Engadin and the Silvretta. It has slopes from 1250-2783m above sea level and is a snow sports area where you can avoid long queues. Most of the nearby slopes are for low or average difficulty, but the town offers nearby accessibility to more challenging resort slopes within the St Moritz region.


The nearest airport to Scuol is Innsbruck in Austria, approximately 1.5 hours by car from Scuol. However, as Innsbruck only has limited flight options, we recommend to fly instead to Zurich which is approximately 3.5 hours by car from Scuol. Alternatively, there is Milan Malpensa and Milan Bergamo – both of which are approximately 4.5 hours by car.

If you prefer to take the train from your home town there is a local train station in Scuol approximately 15 minutes from the hotel, which normally has regular connections to the main cities within Switzerland, Germany etc via Landquart in Switzerland.

For hotel transfers: This year we do not include hotel transfers, but for groups of people arriving at similar times to Zurich or Innsbruck Airports we can get a price quote for a shuttle bus / mini-van and offer it to be split between all relevant participants. Alternatively, you may prefer to make your own arrangements to the hotel (via train / car hire etc).

The Hotel

ECJS & JEP welcomes you for the week to a luxurious resort hotel situated mountainside with both awesome city and river views. Rooms are modern design and are extremely spacious as well as offering luxurious suite options. Outside of skiing, take the opportunity to use a modern fully equipped fitness room or relax in the hotel swimming pool.

Room options

For this event there is a variety of rooms available for you to purchase.

  • Standard Room: These spacious rooms include modern shower and peaceful surroundings.
  • Superior Room: These stylish rooms include not only modern showers but the majority have a river view or if not then a peaceful hotel front view. Some include a shared balcony. There are a limited number of superior rooms including a bath instead of the standard modern shower stall.
  • Family Room: These larger rooms (35m2 compared to 15-20m2) include a sofa and lounge style area to relax. There are a limited number of family rooms including a bath as well as shower stall.
  • Suite: This luxurious suite is approximately 40-50m2 (equivalent to more than 2 standard rooms). This modern stylish room allows you to really enjoy your week in style.

Ski Equipment Rental: 

For equipment we recommend to take from SPORT HEINRICH GESCHAFT, Hauptstrasse 400, in Scuol; being the largest rental equipment company for the region. You can check their website (https://www.sport-heinrich.ch/de/) and then you should go into the store and collect your equipment on either the Sunday or Monday of the event. You can also on those days tell the shop you are part of the JEP group and they will give you a 20% discount on rentals.

To return Ski equipment: The shop is next to the Ski lifts in Scuol so you can just return the equipment directly to the store, or otherwise you can let the store know you are leaving it at the hotel and they will collect it on the Friday evening.



Ski Slopes: 

In Scuol most of the slopes are for low or average difficulty. However, on several days we are offering optional (pay extra – price depending on demand) bus shuttle service to nearby, more challenging, and world class ski areas.

We intend to offer the following day trips away from Scuol – which will require extra bus payment  (price dependant per person on numbers requesting the option but current price for bus listed below):

  • Tuesday: Day trip to St Moritz, Switzerland – current bus price 40 Euros.
  • Wednesday: Day trip to Samnaun / Ischgl area, Austria – current bus price 45 Euros.
  • Thursday:Day trip to Samnaun / Ischgl area, Austria – current bus price 45 Euros.

NOTE: It would be possible to take 2 day passes for Ischgl and ski both days there or if you prefer 1 day only then only 1 day pass would be required. Please let us know in your registration form which day trips, if any, you would be interested in.


Ski Lessons: 

The ski lessons run from Monday to Friday (Beginners) or from Monday to Wednesday (Intermediate), from 09:45-11:45 and 13:30-15:30 in group lessons (maximum group size dependant on the level) in Scuol.

For ski lessons, due to such low demand from our group currently, you should organise them privately yourself. This is the website for you to organise your own ski lessons:


NOTE: It is not possible to exchange or cancel / refund any ski lessons once purchased. We do not take responsibility for cancelling or exchanging your lessons so if you prefer you may wish to wait until you get to Scuol and contact the School directly.


Ski Passes:

The ski lifts in Scuol open at 08:30 and close at 16:30.

In order to ski on the slopes it is necessary to hold a relevant ski pass. As such you can book yourself (and organise your own collection) for the following passes:


Local Area Buses:

The local Scuol passes are possible to include local area buses. The Postbus App can be found on Android and Apple phones and this allows you to also purchase single bus tickets for local buses. Alternatively, if you wish to travel further afield yourself you can take The graubündenPASS which gives discounts on trains and buses in the region and also includes 2 completely free travel days within a 7 day period. If you are interested in taking this please click the link below and you should organise it yourself.


NOTE: It is not possible to exchange or cancel / refund any local travel tickets or graubündenPASS once purchased. We cannot take responsibility for cancelling or exchanging your weekly passes or bus tickets. 

Each participant of the JEP Ski 2020 event will receive the following:
  • Four-Star deluxe Accommodation
  • Free WiFi Internet Access in all rooms and public areas.
  • General Room facilities
  • Free access to pool and optional Spa center (treatments/ activities may cost extra)
  • Kosher meals
  • Entertainment and workshops
  • Organised transport for official trip tours and visits.
  • General room service
  • Optional Parking (charged by the hotel directly to each individual)


Participants will NOT be provided with

  • Luxury items (alcoholic beverages besides Friday night, etc)
  • Additional room service (washing, dry cleaning, etc)
  • Health and other travel / ski insurance
  • Rental of Ski equipment or free lessons / free transfers to ski slopes
  • Shuttle transfers to / from airports or train stations


Please note:

  • Every participant should ensure that their personal insurance covers medical expenses during their stay. Participant must provide full copy of medical insurance to the JEP staff before participation or otherwise their registration will be cancelled and they may be sent home.
  • JEP does not take responsibility for damages done by participants (in hotel, buses and other locations). Participants are legally responsible for any damage they cause.
  • Participant must notify JEP in advance of any illnesseses, allergies or medications they are on if there is any risk of any possible side effects or reactions that JEP should be aware of. It is the participants own responsibility to ensure they prevent such reactions / side effects taking place as much as realistically possible, and JEP does not take any responsibility for any medical care / treatment or incidents that may happen due to a participants failure to adhere to their personal medical responsibilities.
  • By completing an event or membership registration form, the applicant gives full permission for JEP staff, or affiliated representatives on JEP’s behalf, to take appropriate related photographs of the applicant during an event (or pre/post event days), which may be used in any JEP related material (e.g. marketing or supplied to sponsors), at the decision of the JEP office.
  • Any participant may be charged the full cost of the event and sent home during the program if fraudulent information was provided on the registration form for the event or JEP member/associate form.
  • JEP holds the right at any time to cancel your participation if you fail to fulfill any demands or requirements of the program. In this situation the amount of refunds are at the full discretion of the JEP office staff.


Ticket Booking Confirmation

JEP only confirms and guarantees the booking once tickets have been purchased, approved and payment also received and approved by the JEP office; on the basis that the participant provides a copy of his ID / Passport for security and the information supplied on the registration form is correct. Until then, JEP does not take any responsibility for your commitment to the event. Therefore JEP does not advise you to book your flights / travel arrangements, until you receive your confirmation from the JEP office as before this time JEP does not guarantee you a place to participate in the event.


Specific Requests

JEP does its best to adhere to all specific room and event requests (such as room sharing preferences). However, in certain circumstances this may not be possible. In this situation the participant consents to the full authority of JEP to make any changes necessary.


Ski Passes / Lessons / Travel tickets / Rental

It not possible to exchange or cancel / refund any ski passes / lessons / travel tickets or other items rented or purchased through us. For example, if you take a weekly Scuol ski pass but decide to ski somewhere else, we cannot take responsibility for cancelling or exchanging your weekly pass.


Discount Qualification

Participants must prove financial situation warranting discount. A copy of a valid passport and/or references are required. Documents and/or letter outlining your request with contact details of either a Rabbi or Jewish community organization who can vouch for your limited finances should be sent via e-mail to info@jep.eu

If you are awarded a further “extra” discount to the advertised prices we ask that you try your best to attend every session of our program, especially the workshops and lectures, to reflect your appreciation of this donation. A thank you letter about your experiences at the event is required for our sponsors within 2 weeks following the event.

Limited availability. Discounts will be granted solely at the discretion of JEP and its partners and special offer discounts are only valid on main event dates and exclude extra costs such as extra nights/membership fee etc.


Special Discount Offer and Early-bird Offer Period End-Date

This is the date all registration and payments must be RECEIVED by the JEP office. It is entirely the discretion of the JEP office staff to decide whether a participant fulfills the demands for the offers, and JEP hold the full right to charge non-offer price if they believe this is not the case.


Group Organiser or other Special Offers

These are only applicable to you as an individual and do not apply to any other participants, for example a discount in a 2 person room is a discount on your participation rate and not for the other person sharing the room. It is entirely the discretion of the JEP office staff to decide whether a participant fulfills the demands for the offers.


Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your registration until 01 December 2019, and JEP pledges to fully refund you the event payment minus €30 administration processing fee and bank transfer fees when applicable.

If you cancel after 01 December 2019, and we are able to find a replacement, you will be refunded the event payment minus 30% and bank transfer fees when applicable, until 5 January 2020All cancellations after 5 January 2020 will get no refund even for a medical emergency. We will do our best to replace your spot once we have sold out the event for cancellations between 01 December and 05 january. The reason for this deduction is due to the risk we are taking, the longer administration process involved in changing your booking, and often involves more time and expensive phone calls trying to find a replacement.

After the deadline date, JEP is NOT obliged to reimburse anyone for any reason whatsoever.  Reimbursement will not be given even for a medical emergency. JEP will have already booked, ordered and paid for everything for you by this late date. We will not be able to receive refunds for any of these purchases. Please understand that JEP is a non-profit organization. We invest over €100 for each member to attend the event beyond the member fee that was paid. With your cancellation we lose this investment as well.

This is our cancellation policy and we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. You agree that by submitting any event registration form or “ticket” via our website, you thereby acknowledge that you have read and understand this permission agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

Summer is Here 2019 – Madrid

The Summer 2019 event began with a tour of central Madrid including the Bernabeu Stadium, Neptune fountain and Gran Via main street. In the evening guests were lucky to hear from Israel’s Ambassador to Spain as well as a representative from the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs and their fight against the BDS movement. On Friday the day out included a visit to the beautiful city of Toledo and learning about it’s Jewish heritage from before the time of the Inquisition. Participants got to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing Shabbat in the hotel, before visiting the Madrid Synagogue on the Sunday to learn about the city’s Jewish community.



ECJS goes Samba 2019 – Rio de Janeiro

For 2019, ECJS decided to hold its first event in South America. The event began on the Wednesday with a morning jeep visit to a Brazilian Favela in Rio de Janeiro, followed by an afternoon exploration of the Sugar Loaf Mountain complex and Copacabana beach. On Thursday, a full day trip allowed participants to enjoy a boat trip to Buzios and the surrounding islands. On Friday, participants learnt about the Jewish Heritage of Rio de Janeiro before meeting the local Jewish young adults in an evening party.

On Sunday everyone got up early for a morning flight to Iguacu, and then got to visit the Brazilian side of the stunning waterfalls. Monday was even more fun, visiting the Argentinian side of the falls, where participants not only walked among the forest complex but even got to experience a boat ride into the depths of the falls. A really wet but fun day for all!

Purim on the Rocks 2019 – Algarve

Purim this year took place in the Algarve, Portugal in a relaxing 5* sea view hotel.  The event started with a visit to Silves castle, the former Moorish capital, and then heading up the highest mountain peak – Foia. In the evening Rabbi Yoel Kaplan from Thessaloniki led an energetic Megillah reading for Purim, followed by the traditional Seudah meal and exchange of Mishloach Manot. This was followed by a fun Purim costume party.  During the Friday, participants managed to experience “the end of the world” at Cape St. Vincent before the scenic town of Lagos. On Sunday participants ended their visit exploring the regional capital, Faro.

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Just One Shabbat 2019 – Venice

The event began on the Friday with a short visit to the historic town of Padua,before an early Shabbat brought us together as one family. Participants after Shabbat partied the night away in nearby Mestre.  On Sunday, a full day trip explored the glassmaking factory of Murano and scenic nearby Burano island before a full day tour of Venice including the traditional Jewish ghetto and famous narrow alleys between St Marks Square and the Realto Bridge. We brought in the New Year on the Monday evening with our annual Black Tie Ball, and then finished on the Monday with a visit to the nearby city of romanticism of Verona, home of the famous Romeo and Juliet story.

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Suntime in Rome – Summer 2018

The event began on Thursday with a tour of the Jewish Ghetto including the Jewish Museum, the Great and Spanish Synagogues and Tiber island. In the evening guests heard from renown MK Avi Dichter (former Head of Shin Bet) on Israel’s background. On Friday a day out began with a visit to the ancient Roman city, including strolling alongside the Roman Forum, passing the Palatine Hill and reaching the famous Arch of Titus. A relaxing Shabbat at the hotel included an interesting question and answer session with MK Dichter, followed by a stylish party.  Finally a visit on Sunday toured the more modern city center including the Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain.

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ECJS Vietnam 2018

Once again in 2018, ECJS returned to East Asia. The event began on the Thursday with an early morning start to explore the Vietnam War Cu Chi Tunnels, followed by an afternoon studying HCMC with its Presidential Palace and War Remnants Museum. On Friday participants experienced traditional Vietnamese environments visiting the Mekong Delta, and as stilt houses, fishing villages as well as tasting traditional Vietnamese fruit. For Shabbat we relaxed in the hotel and learnt about the history of the Jewish Community of Vietnam, before a fun evening riding Scooters around the busy city streets and skyline.

On Sunday everyone got up early for a morning flight to Hanoi, and then got to visit the Ho Chi Minh Complex before the scenic Tay Ho (West Lake) region and an evening learning about the history of Vietnam through a comical Water Puppet show. On Monday everyone went on a long day trip to the beautiful Ha Long Bay (one of the seven Modern Wonders of the World) and then on Tuesday the event finished with a true-life experience meeting families living in poverty in the East Hanoi slums under the Long Bien Bridge in the middle of the Red River.

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